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1. How can I add my CA to e-Filing account?

You can add your Chartered Accountant(s) to your e-Filing account using this service available after you log in to your account. The My CA service allows you to do the following:

  • View a list of active and inactive CAs in your e-Filing portal authorized by you
  • Add a CA
  • Assign forms to a CA
  • Withdraw assigned forms
  • Activate a CA
  • Deactivate a CA

2. Who can access the My CA service?

All registered users of the e-Filing portal who are in one of the following categories can access this service:

  • Individual
  • HUF
  • Company, AOP, BOI, AJP, Trust, Government, LA (local authority), Firm
  • Tax Deductor and Collector

3. Can I withdraw forms that have been assigned to CA?

Yes, forms can be withdrawn after being assigned to CA. All forms assigned to a CA can be viewed by the user and withdrawn if required.

4. Why do I need to authorize a CA?

Before the CA files any form or makes submissions on your behalf on the e-Filing portal, he or she should be authorized by you. Moreover, there are certain statutory forms that require CA certification. You can add CA using this service and the CA has to accept the addition request to submit ITRs / Forms.