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1. I am a salaried employee registered with e-Filing. Where do I access all my tax-related information on the e-Filing portal?
You can access all your tax-related information and to-do items on your e-Filing Dashboard. The Dashboard contains links to important services that you would need during your Income Tax journey. At a glance, you can:

  • Keep your profile updated with your valid PAN, Aadhaar and photo.
  • Link your Aadhaar and PAN.
  • View and update your contact details.
  • Secure your account with the e-Filing Vault Higher Security service.
  • View and respond to outstanding demand.
  • View your Income Tax Ledger for multiple FYs / AYs.
  • View your to-do items related to ITR filing and respond to them.
  • View your filing status, including refund awaited and demand estimated.
  • File Revised Return and download the filed returns.
  • View your tax deposit details such as TDS, Advance Tax, and Self Assessment Tax.
  • Respond to Pending Actions on your Worklist.
  • View last 3 years' returns and recent forms filed.
  • View your grievance details.

2. I am a taxpayer. What are the services available to me on my e-Filing Worklist?
The following services are available to the individual taxpayer, HUF, Company, Firm, Trust, AJP, AOP, BOI, Local Authority, Government on their e-Filing worklist:

  • For Your Action:
    • Forms Pending for Acceptance
    • Refunds Remain Unpaid
    • ITDREIN Request
    • Pending for e-Verification / ITR-V not received / Rejected
    • Pending requests to add you as Authorized Signatory (for individual taxpayers only)
    • Pending requests to add you as Authorized Representative (for individual taxpayers only)
    • ITR-V received after due date
    • Pending for Filing
    • Approval and Modification of Tax Deductor and Collector Registration (For organization PAN)
  • For Your Information:
    • View Uploaded Form Details
    • Submitted Requests to add as Representative Assessee
    • Submitted Requests to add as Authorized Signatory
    • Submitted Requests to add as Authorized Representative
    • Received Authorized Signatory Requests (for individual taxpayers only)
    • Received Authorized Representative Requests (for individual taxpayers only)
    • View ITDREIN Request Details (For individuals who are added as authorized PAN by the reporting entity)
    • View Approved / Rejected TAN Registration Details (for organization PAN)

3. Do I need to log in to view my Dashboard?
Yes. Dashboard can only be viewed after logging in to the e-Filing portal, and contains information specific to the logged-in PAN.

4.  What is different about the Dashboard in the new e-Filing portal?
The previous e-Filing portal had two functions for taxpayers: File Income Tax Return, and View e-Filed Returns / Forms. On the new e-Filing portal, the Dashboard  has many more services. It is also very user friendly, as it shows upfront the details of your Profile, Registered Contact Details, Return Status, Income Tax Deposits, Pending Actions, Recent Filings and Grievances.