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1. What is e-Filing Vault?
The e-Filing Vault service is available to registered users to enable higher security on their e-Filing accounts with second-factor authentication. e-Filing Vault may be used for logging into your e-Filing account and /or resetting password. Although using the e-Filing vault service is not mandatory, it is recommended to use it for securing your e-Filing account. 

2. What is second-factor authentication?
Second-factor authentication is a functionality to enable higher levels of security to your e-Filing account. This ensures another level of security apart from validating the user ID and password registered on the e-Filing portal. Using e-Filing vault service, you may choose the login option which will appear by default whenever you try to login. 

3. How can I enable higher security for my e-Filing account?
You can enable higher security in the form of second-factor authentication in one of the following ways:

  • Net Banking
  • Digital Security Certificate (DSC)
  • OTP on mobile number registered with Aadhaar
  • Bank Account EVC
  • Demat Account EVC

4. Can I enable higher security on my e-Filing account?
If you are a registered user of the e-Filing portal, you can enable higher security on your e-Filing account by using the e-Filing vault feature. 

5. How can I login if I do not choose any of the higher security options?
If you do not choose any of the options for higher security, you can log in using the default user ID and password and one of the various login methods. Refer to the Login user manual to learn more. 

6. How do I reset my password if I do not choose any of the options in the e-Filing Vault Password Reset option?
If you do not opt for an e-Filing Vault Password Reset option, you can reset the password using the default option using e-Filing OTP. Refer to the Forgot Password user manual to learn more. 

7. Can I use more than one method of security for e-Filing Vault?
While multiple higher security methods can be opted by you for login and password reset, you are required to choose one from the options opted while actually logging in to the e-Filing portal or resetting your password. 

8. In the new e-Filing portal, do I have to choose my higher security options again or is it the same as what existed in the old portal?
You will have to choose the higher security options again in the new portal as the same information is not migrated owing to technical reasons. If you prefer to choose DSC as a higher security option, you will have to first register the DSC on the new e-Filing portal.