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1. Why do I need to verify my PAN?
You can verify your PAN to:

  • Check if the details of your PAN, such as name on the PAN card, date of birth are same as the details available in the PAN database.
  • Validate if your PAN is active or not.

2. Do I need my mobile number registered on the e-Filing portal for PAN verification?
You can use any valid mobile number accessible to you during the verification on which you will receive an OTP (valid for 15 minutes with a maximum of three attempts).

3. Is there a limit to the number of PANs which can be verified with a single mobile number for an individual taxpayer?
Yes. You can verify a maximum of 5 different PANs using one mobile number in a day. 

4. As an external agency, can I validate PAN of a user?
Yes, Verify PAN service is available for all registered users including external agencies. Bulk PAN / TAN verification is a separate service for external agencies that requires the approval of the department.

5. How can I see my PAN details online?
You can visit the Know your PAN service available in the e-Filing portal. You can also use this service to check if your PAN is valid or not.