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1. What is the "Help me decide which ITR form to file" service?
Different ITR forms are applicable to individual taxpayers based on the type of income and residential status. 

Till AY 2019-20, there was no service to help individual taxpayers to know which ITR form and schedules within the ITR form were relevant to them.

From AY 2020-21 onwards, individual taxpayers will have the Help me decide which ITR form to file service to determine the correct ITR applicable to them (both online and in the offline utility). 

2. How does the "Help me decide which ITR form to file" service help me know the correct ITR form and schedules?
This service helps individual taxpayers determine the correct ITR form and applicable schedules with these options:

  • Help me decide which ITR form to file:
    • Proceed based on qualifying condition: You will see the qualifying conditions for ITR-1, ITR-2, ITR-3 and ITR-4. If you find the conditions clear and understand which ITR to file, select one of ITR based on the qualifying conditions (as applicable to your case) and you can proceed with ITR filing.
    • Still not clear, let us help you: After reading the conditions, if you are still not sure which ITR to file, select this option. Select answers to the wizard-based questions (relevant to you) to determine your ITR.
  • Help me determine the schedules by clicking Learn more: If you do not know which schedules are applicable, click Learn more and select answers to the relevant questions for that schedule. The applicable schedules are activated based on your responses to the questions.

3. What is wizard-based selection of ITR/Schedules?
In order to guide the taxpayers who are not aware of / sure of the type of ITR and / or schedule applicable to them for a particular AY, the wizard-tool is provided in both online mode and offline utility. Based upon a set of carefully selected and relevant questions, which are easily understandable even by a person not well-versed with Income-tax law/provisions, the wizard recommends the applicable ITR / Schedule based upon the responses / answers provided by taxpayer . 

4. I already know which ITR form I need to file, and the schedules applicable to me. Do I still need to use the "Help me decide which ITR form to file" service?
No. You can choose your ITR form type directly from the drop-down menu of I know which ITR form I need to file. If you are aware of schedules too, then select I know which schedules are applicable

5. Do I have to use the "Help me decide which ITR form to file" service on the e-Filing portal, and then go to the offline utility to file my return?
No. You can access this service directly from the offline utility. There is no need to log in to the e-Filing portal separately to use this service.

6. What should I do to ensure that the correct ITR/Schedule is recommended to me using this service?
You should read the ‘qualifying conditions’ carefully and then determine the applicable ITR.  If you are still not sure and proceed to using wizard-based questions, make sure that your answers are correct. The applicable ITR / Schedules will be recommended to you on the basis of your responses. 

7. Can I change my answers to the questions?
Yes, you can change the answers to questions displayed while choosing ITR or schedule by choosing ‘Go Back’ on the relevant page. A summary page showing all the questions and your responses to them will be displayed to you once the ITR / schedule is recommended to you. You can click on ‘Edit my response’ and change the answers.