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1. Why do I need to pre-validate my bank account(s)?

Only a pre-validated bank account can be nominated to receive Income Tax refund.
Further, a pre-validated bank account may also be used by the individual taxpayer for enabling EVC (electronic verification code) for e-Verification purpose. e-Verification can be used for Income Tax Returns and other Forms, e-Proceedings, Refund Reissue, Reset Password and secured login to e-Filing account. 

2. Can a non-individual taxpayer use EVC for e-Verification?

Enabling or disabling EVC is applicable only to individual taxpayers. Other categories of taxpayers cannot use their pre-validated bank account for generating EVC to e-Verify their Income Tax Returns and Forms.

3. Can I validate and nominate multiple bank accounts for refund?

Yes. You can pre-validate multiple bank accounts, and can nominate more than one bank account for Income Tax refund.

4. Can I nominate one bank account for Income Tax refund, and EVC-enable a separate bank account?

Yes, but both bank accounts should have the status Validated.

 5. Can EVC be enabled for multiple bank accounts?

No. EVC can be enabled for only one bank account at any point of time. If you try to enable EVC for another pre-validated account, then a message will be displayed, asking for your confirmation to disable EVC for the existing account. Accordingly, either one of the bank accounts will be EVC enabled.
Note: EVC can be enabled only for banks integrated with e-Filing. The list of e-Filing integrated banks can be found on the page.

6. What are the prerequisites for a successful pre-validation?

For successful pre-validation, you must have a valid PAN registered with e-Filing, and an active bank account linked with the PAN.


7. How do I know that the pre-validation is successful? What should I do if it is unsuccessful?

The status of the validation request will be sent to your mobile number and email ID registered with the e-Filing portal. If the validation fails, the details are displayed under Failed Bank Accounts. The failed bank accounts can be re-submitted for validation in case of failed bank pre-validation: Click Re-Validate for the bank in the Failed Bank Accounts section and the account with status ‘Validation in progress’.

8. Can I pre-validate my Loan / PPF account?

No. You can only pre-validate the following accounts for refund:

  • Saving Bank Accounts,
  • Current Accounts,
  • Cash Credit Accounts,
  • Over Draft Account,
  • NRO Account.

If you try pre-validating any other account type, the bank validation will fail, and the system will display an Invalid Account error.

9. What will happen if I change my mobile number / email ID registered with the bank, which I have already pre-validated?

In such a case, you will see a ! warning symbol next to your mismatched contact details (mobile number / email ID) in your Added Bank Accounts section. If you wish to EVC-enable that bank account, you will need to update your contact details on the e-Filing portal to match your details registered with the bank or update the mobile/email at bank’s end same as your e-filing registered primary mobile/email. Once details are updated, revalidate your bank account.

10. How much time does it take to pre-validate my bank account once I have submitted my details?

The pre-validation process is automatic. Once your request is submitted, it is sent to your bank. The validation status is updated in your e-Filing account within 10 - 12 working days.