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1. Can I enable EVC for multiple demat accounts?
No. EVC can be enabled for only one demat account at any point of time. If you try to enable EVC for another demat account, then you will receive a message to disable EVC option for the existing account. Once you disable EVC option from the existing account then you can enable it for another account.

2. What are the prerequisites to add a demat account?
To add a demat account:

  • You must be a registered user on e-Filing portal
  • You must have a valid demat account with NSDL or CDSL linked with PAN 
  • For NSDL Depository type, you must have a DP ID and Client ID
  • For CSDL Depository type, you must have a demat account number
  • You must have a valid mobile number or email ID linked with demat account in order to receive an OTP number

3. What will happen if I change my mobile number/email ID linked with the demat contact details, which is already verified by the depository?
In such a case, you will see a "!" warning symbol next to the relevant mobile number/email ID in your added demat accounts page. You will be advised to update your contact details on the e-Filing portal to match your details registered with the depository.

4. What should I do in case it says validation failed for my demat account?
In case the validation fails, a message with Reason of failure along with the action to be taken will appear on the screen. You can re-validate, update the details and submit request again.

5. My Name as per PAN is not matching with my name in the Demat account due to which I am not able to validate my demat account. What should I do?
In case there is a name mismatch, contact the depository to update the name as per PAN. Once updated, you may click on re-validate my demat account, update the details and submit request for validation.

6. What is the purpose of activating my Demat Account through Income Tax portal?
If you activate your Demat account, you can use it for generating EVC to e-Verify returns/forms, e- Proceedings, refund re-issue, reset password and for secure login to e-Filing portal using the OTP sent on the verified mobile number/email ID linked with your Demat Account.

7. My contact details on the e-Filing portal are different from my contact details linked with my Demat account. Is it mandatory for me to have the same contact details?
No. It is not mandatory for you to update your contact details registered on the e-Filing portal to match with the contact details linked with your Demat Account.

8. Can I change or update my primary contact details on my e-filing account after enabling EVC for my demat account?
Yes, you can change your primary contact details after enabling EVC. You will receive the EVC on the mobile number/email ID verified and linked with your Demat Account.