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1. Why do I need to register as Company? 
Registration service helps in creating a user account in the e-Filing Portal. A Company has to be registered in the portal to avail services such as filing of ITR, tax deducted details, refund status, etc. All tax related activities can be tracked through the e-Filing Portal only after registration. 
2. What are the prerequisites for registering as a Company? 
A valid and active PAN of the company and registered DSC of Principal Contact are required to register as a Company in the e-Filing Portal. The PAN of the Principal Contact should be registered on the e-Filing portal. 
3. Who is a Principal Contact? 
Principal Contact is the individual who acts as the main representative of the Company. An individual who has a signing authority and the capacity to bind the Company is designated as the Principal Contact. The Principal Contact will receive all communications (including notices/orders) from the Income tax Department with respect to the company. The Principal Contact must register in the e-Filing Portal with Name, Address, Phone Number and other details.
4. The Principal Contact of my Company/Firm does not have a PAN. The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of the Principal Contact is with a default PAN. When I try to upload/register the DSC, PAN mismatch error comes up. What to do? 
Digital Signature Certificate with default PAN will not be accepted by the e-Filing Portal. In this case, the Digital Signature Certificate without PAN encryption should be used.