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1. Why should I register in the e-Filing portal?
The registration service is available to all external agencies with an active and valid PAN/ TAN. Registering in the e-Filing portal will enable you to access and use the various services and tax related services that ITD offers like bulk PAN / TAN verification, uploading TDS statements, etc.

2. On which mobile number will I receive the OTP to register as External Agency?
You will receive the OTP on the registered mobile number and email ID of the Principal Contact as given while registering as External Agency. 

3. What is the signed requisition letter that is required to be attached?
The requisition letter is an authorized letter issued by the head of the External Agency. It is mandatory to upload it for registering as an External Agency. 

4. What is an External Agency? What are the pre-requisites for registering as an external agency on the e-Filing portal?

Central and State Government Departments or undertakings or recognized autonomous bodies and RBI approved banks or financial institutions can register as external agencies on the e-Filing portal. A valid PAN/ TAN is a prerequisite for an external agency to register on the e-Filing portal. 

In addition, you are required to register your DSC on the e-Filing portal. Refer to Register Digital Signature Certificate to learn more.