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1. Why do I need to submit response to an outstanding demand?
The Income Tax Department may find some Outstanding Tax demand against your PAN. In order to confirm if the stated demand is correct, an opportunity is given to you to respond. If you do not respond to it, the demand will be confirmed and will be adjusted against your refund (if any) or show as demand payable against your PAN ( in case, no refund is due).

2. How do I know if there is any outstanding demand pending against my PAN?
You can check if there is any outstanding demand through the e-Filing portal. Log in to e-Filing portal and click Pending Actions > Response to Outstanding Demand and you will be taken to Response to outstanding demand page. If there are demands outstanding against your PAN, the current status against each of the past / existing outstanding demands will be updated as Pending payment / Response. Accordingly, you can click Pay Now / Submit Response. Additionally, you will receive a message on your email ID and mobile number registered on the e-Filing portal. 

3. What can I do if I disagree with the amount of outstanding demand?
You can choose Disagree with demand (Either in Full or Part). After you select the option, you need to select from the list of reasons for which you disagree with the amount of demand. After you have selected from the list, you would need to provide details for each of the reasons before you submit your response. In case you partially disagree with the demand, you should pay the portion of the demand which is undisputed (i.e. with which you agree).

4. What can I do if the reason of disagreement with the outstanding demand is not listed?
You can select Others as a reason after you choose Disagree with demand (Either in Full or Part). After selection, you can enter the details for your reason and the applicable amount not payable under the mentioned reason.

5. Where can I view the past responses I submitted?
After you log in to e-Filing portal, click Pending Actions > Response to Outstanding Demand and you will be to the Response to outstanding demand page. Among the list of past and the existing outstanding demands click on View against the particular demand. You will only be able to see the View option for the demands for which you have already submitted at least one response.

6. While selecting reasons in Response to Outstanding Demand page, I am getting the message - No records found for revised/rectified return for the assessment year. What can I do?
Please try again. If the problem persists, please validate the Acknowledgement no. received after submission of your Rectification / Revised Return request.

7. How do I pay the outstanding tax demand?
You can make payment of your Income Tax Demand through the e-Filing portal in the following ways:

  • Directly pay tax by clicking the Pay Now option for the respective DRN (Demand Reference Number) on the Response to Outstanding Demand page; or
  • Using the Pay Now option while submitting the response to the outstanding demand (in case you agree or you partially agree with the outstanding demand).

8. What are the different ways in which I can make payment?
You can make payment through the e-Filing portal. You can use the following online methods to make tax payment:

  • Net-banking; or
  • Debit Card; or
  • Payment Gateway (using Credit Card/Debit Card of Non-Authorized Banks/Net Banking of Non-Authorized Bank/UPI)

You can use the following offline methods to make tax payment:

  • NEFT / RTGS (the Mandate Form generated may be submitted to the bank or used for online transfer using Net-banking); or
  • Pay over the Counter (through Cash / Cheque / Demand Draft).

Refer to the Make Payment Online and Make Payment Offline user manual to learn more.

9. What if I do not have the copy of the challan to be attached? Where can I find it?
You can reprint / regenerate your challan from your respective bank account using Net Banking or visiting the bank branch.