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1. What is Form 15CC?
Every authorized dealer making remittance to a non-resident, not being a company or to a foreign company, is required to make a quarterly disclosure of such remittance in Form 15CC.

2. What are the modes of submission of form 15CC?
Form 15CC can be submitted through online mode only. In order to file the Form online, post login to e-Filing portal, select the Form, prepare and submit the form.

3. Is ITDREIN required to be mandatorily generated before filing form 15CC?
Yes. Authorized person added by the reporting entity will have to use the ITDREIN to log in to the e-Filing portal and file form 15CC.

4. When is it required to file Form 15CC?
It is required to be furnished to the competent authority of the Income Tax Department electronically within fifteen days from the end of the quarter of the financial year to which such payment relates.

5. How do I know that the form has been submitted successfully?
You will receive a confirmation on your email ID and mobile number registered with the e-Filing portal. Additionally, you can also view the status in your Worklist under For your Actions tab.

6. Is e-Verification necessary for submitting Form 15CC? if yes, how can I e-Verify the Form 15CC?
Yes, it is necessary to e-Verify Form 15CC. You will have to e-Verify using Digital Signature Certificate.