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Common Offline Utilities for filing Statutory Income-tax Form 3CA-3CD & 3CB-3CD.

Following issues faced by few Taxpayers have been resolved in the updated utility: (i) allowing 0% profit sharing [Clause 9] (ii) actual date of payment to the concerned authorities is made non-mandatory [Clause 20(b)] (iii) validation on due date for furnishing payment under respective funds is relaxed [Clause 42].

JSON generated through earlier Utility version 1.1.10 (not related to above changes) can continue to be uploaded.

zip (Version 1.1.1) (93.8 MB)
Date of first release of Form Utility 10-Sep-2021
Date of Latest release of Form Utility 05-May-2022
zip(78 KB)
Date of first release of Form Schema 26-Oct-2021
Date of latest release of Form Schema 05-May-2022
pdf (392 KB)

Information to be furnished for payments to a non-resident not being a company, or to a foreign company.

zip (577 KB)
zip(17 KB)
Date of first release of Form Schema 02-Oct-2021

Certificate of an accountant.

zip (537 KB)
zip(12 KB)
Date of first release of Form Schema 02-Oct-2021
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