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1. Overview

Verify Your PAN is a pre-login (login to the portal is not required) service on the e-Filing portal for all users other than External Agencies. External Agencies can access this service after log in. With this service, you can:

  • Check if the details of PAN, such as Name on the PAN card, Date of Birth etc. are correct or not
  • Verify if PAN is active

2. Prerequisites for availing this service

  • Valid PAN
  • Valid mobile number (accessible to you)
  • For External Agencies: Registered user on the e-Filing portal with valid user ID and password

3. Step-by-Step Guide

3.1 Verify Your PAN

Step 1
: Go to e-Filing portal homepage.

Step 1

Step 2: Click Verify Your PAN on the e-Filing homepage.

Step 2

Step 3: On the Verify Your PAN page, enter your PAN, Full Name, Date of Birth and Mobile Number (accessible to you) and click Continue.

Step 3

Step 4: On the Verification page, enter the 6-digit OTP received on the mobile number entered in Step 3 and click Validate.


Step 4


•   OTP will be valid for 15 minutes only.
•   You have 3 attempts to enter the correct OTP.
•   The OTP expiry countdown timer on screen tells you when the OTP will expire.
•   The OTP timer displays the time remaining to regenerate an OTP. On clicking Resend OTP, a new OTP will be generated and sent.

On successful verification, your PAN status will be displayed. 

Step 5

3.2 Verify PAN for External Agency

Step 1: Log in to the e-Filing portal using your user ID and password.

3.2 Step 1

Step 2: Click ServicesView PAN details.

3.2 Step 2

Step 3: On the Verify Your PAN page, enter the PAN (which you want to verify), Full Name and Date of incorporation (DOI) / Date of Birth (DOB) and click Continue.

3.2 Step 3

On successful validation, PAN status will be displayed.

3.2 Step 4

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