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1. How can I access the category of Income Tax Form applicable to me for filing?
Under the Income Tax Form Options in the e-File menu, you will be presented with a category list of all available Income Tax Forms with short descriptions. Choose the form(s) that are most relevant to your filing from the list available under all categories.

2. What are the different e-Verification options available for me?
The following e-Verification options are available. You may choose the one which is more convenient to you:

  • Aadhaar OTP
  • Bank Account EVC / Demat Account
  • DSC

For certain forms, e-Verification can be done only using DSC.

3. Can I make changes in the form offline before uploading?
Yes, the form can be prepared offline and uploaded in the e-Filing portal using the utility available. The utility can be downloaded from the e-Filing portal.

4. Can someone else upload the forms on my behalf?
Yes, in certain cases, the taxpayer can choose and authorize another person to upload forms on his or her behalf. More information on who can be represented can be found in the Authorize and Register as Representative user manual.