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1. Overview

The Generate Static Password service is one of the various options available for two-factor authentication (an additional security layer to your e-Filing password) for logging in to the e-Filing portal. Static password is useful if you do not have good mobile network connectivity to receive OTP. This service is available to all registered users on the e-Filing portal (post login).

2. Prerequisites for availing this service

  • Registered user on the e-Filing portal with valid user ID and password

3. Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Log in to the e-Filing portal using your user ID and password.  

Step 1

Step 2:  Go to the My Profile page from the Dashboard. 

Step 2

Step 3: Click Static Password.

Step 3

Step 4: A list of instructions about static password and where it can be used appear on the Static Password page. Read the instructions carefully and click Generate Static Password.

Step 4

A success message is displayed on successful generation of your static password.

On Success


  • You will receive 10 system-generated static passwords on your email ID registered with e-Filing.
  • You can use any one at a time for login. However, the same static password cannot be reused.
  • The static passwords sent to you will be active for 30 days from the date of generation.
  • You can generate static passwords again after you have used up all 10 passwords, or after 30 days are over (whichever comes first).

Step 5: If you have unused static passwords, there will be a message specifying how many passwords you have, and the number of days before they expire (out of 30).To get a list of your unused static passwords on your email ID registered on the e-Filing portal, click Resend Static Password.

Step 5

You will receive the unused static passwords on your email ID registered on the e-Filing portal.

On Success

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